Last updated 4.9.2013


With huge regret I find myself forced to announce that this website can no longer accept new material. From today it will exist only as a static archive, although I shall continue to do my best to deal with any future requests or responses relating to my Where Are You? page.

I won't bore you with the reasons for my decision, except to say that finally coming to terms with the fact that I'm now 84 played a large part, together with the realisation that I really need to devote the remainder of my time to several unfinished things which I put on "temporary" hold when my website took over much of my life some twelve years ago.

In those twelve years I have made many new friends, without whose enthusiastic support - plus the contents of dusty shoeboxes and photo albums from attics all over the planet - the website could never have flourished as it has. I offer everyone my sincere thanks, warmest kind regards and very best wishes for the future.

Speaking of the future: I intend to leave the Wrinklies website at its present address until I'm no longer around to continue paying my Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host it for me. My ISP will then (understandably) pull the plug and Wrinklies will disappear, leaving only a tiny hole in cyberspace.



Unfortunately it has not been possible to give adequate notice - so if you know someone who was planning to attend please pass the word along.

At the moment there are no plans to reschedule the event.

The complete archived website follows. For anyone who may be unfamiliar with the site layout, the Wrinklies' Corner button at the foot of each page is perhaps the best starting point. If you get lost, the Home Page button at the foot of each page will bring you back here.


Farnworth Grammar School

Founded 1715.    Closed ca1983.    Demolished 1988.    Shame.

A Website for Very Old Farnworthians

This website won't try to sell you anything. It's simply an attempt to record memories of life at a small grammar school in the north-west of England, fifty years ago and more. Everything here has been sent in by ex-pupils, most of whom still feel warm affection for the school and its legacy, together with genuine regret that the place no longer exists it was closed in the early 1980s and demolished in 1988.

The website was started in November 2001 to provide a home on the Internet for a single school photograph. It currently has around 1500 pages and has developed into a place where Wrinkly Old Farnworthians like myself can share their memories and tell their stories.

Photographs, life stories, excerpts from the school magazine, etc. are always welcome, and if you need help perhaps with scanning or whatever please contact me. My e-mail address (see below) is valid, but I'm afraid you can't click on it because I've doctored it in a bid to defeat the pondlife who trawl the internet in search of e-mail addresses to sell. Please type it into your Address Book.

It's Apologies for the inconvenience.

If you were at FGS at least fifty years ago I'd love to hear from you. But even if you don't yet qualify as a Wrinkly you're welcome to come in and browse anyway. Who knows, you may find your mum and dad in here!

Please click here for a brief guide to the website, or simply click on one of the buttons below to start exploring. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying putting it together.

Les Dennis (No. Not that one...)